Scientific tutoring

  • Bioinformatics workshops

NHM, London:  initiated a 2 days workshops for a Phd Programme. Introduction to sequence analysis and metagenomics/transcriptomics (2013-2016)
- IGMBC, France: yearly intervention in the internal bioinformatics workshop (2010-2012)

  • Professional formation for the CNRS

- Creation of new modules describing the methodological and analytic aspects of phylogenetic placement in the  "Molecular Phylogeny" formation (2017-current)
- Creation of new module about OTU clustering and taxonomic classification in the "NGS Data Analysis" formation. (2017-current)

  • Student supervision

- Regular supervision of Licence (Bachelor) and Master students. Currently 10 student (2019). Some projects lead to publication (Orthoinspector v2) 


University lectures

I had the chance to give lecture in 3 different universities (Strasbourg, France ; London, UK ; Montpellier, France), for more than 350 hours of effective lectures.


  • Computer sciences

- Introduction to Python or Java programming
- Introduction to algorithms (data structures, graph theory)
- Modelisation & object programming (UML, design)
- Advanced Java Programming (Patterns, Swing, Lambdas)
- Introduction to Unix environments & sh/bash scripting

  • Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity

- Bases of population dynamics: modelisation for competition, seleciton
- Pratical courses in Metagenomics & Biodiversity anlaysis 
- Phylogenetics 

  • Bioinformatics & Genomics

- Bioinformatics algorithms (trees, clustering, alignment...)
- Concepts of genomics & comparative genomics
- Concepts of Transcriptomics / Proteomics

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