My research focuses on applied algorithms and software solutions answering the latest challenges of environmental genomics.
This research relies on my double competency in computer science & biology.
I develop bioinformatics solutions based on classification algorithms, evolutionary models (phylogenetics), alignment-free sequence comparison (k-mer approaches), biological databases and data mining.

I exploit these solutions to explore ecological and evolutionary problematics related to:


Current affiliation


Currently hosted in the LIRMM, Université of Montpellier. 
In the context of a public-private partnerships. 


Past affiliations




- Phd Bioinformatics, University of Strasbourg (2012)
- Master Bioinformatics & Structural Biology, University of Strasbourg (2007)
- License (bachelor) Biology & Computer Science  (2006).
- Technological diploma (DUT) Biochemistry and food industry (2005)


Short Bio 


Since 2019, research officer in Spygen R&D department.

Teachings in Montpellier Science Faculty and the CNRS :


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